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It’s no longer news that 70% of Nigerians own a blackberry, and as you know there’s always a back up phone if you understand what I mean, for some others they own both a blackberry and an Iphone, in which case we don’t even know which is backup. But that’s not the point. The question is how many of these people know the functions of these devices?

I can bear witness to the fact that I know not all the functions of my curve 5 but hey! at least I can socialize with it, but to others, these gadgets is just another toy or fashion accessory. Listen, your phone has never been and will never be part of your dressing so quit the ideology.

Ok, here we go… why are we crazy about these stuffs? I’m not saying being gadget crazy is bad, naaaaa don’t misinterpret me, it’s okay at least when you know your onions and how to utilize it to its maximum use. But here’s an advice don’t rush to get a gadget because its trending, wait for a few months to know its real market value…..yeah! That’s the way forward guys.

And if you choose to go with the flow, well why not? It’s your choice “na Naija we dey”, you are allowed to go gadget gaga!!! Loooooool.


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  1. Can we blame anyone for going gadget gaga? We are is a society where every one wants a braggin right. We all cant have the latest car but we usually can painstakingly afford a latest phone. Now people get to think that make ’em cool. Thats enough. Gaga isnt the thing, complex is it.

  2. Gadget gaga huh…dis country wey we dey so, lol. The thing is it’s not only in Naija that gadgets are “ego booters”, it’s a general thing but as per naija now we do something my sec. Sch. Students call “over kpeke” and ges that’s where the gaga thing comes in. I really don’t believe that gaga thing can go into extinction, maybe reduced after sometime sha.
    Good work you’re doing and once again, welldone*smiles*

  3. The BlackBerry hype is not due to the quality of the device, but due to the cost and ease of communication.
    Once we start getting data bundles attached to other phone platforms, blackberry will be a device of yesterday !!!

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