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How To Use Google Maps for Android in Offline Mode [In Pictures]

Google Map for android

Google Map for android

Ok, here I am again sharing my latest discovery, I recently realized how easy it is to use Google maps in offline mode, tried this over my android device though.

Google recently made an upgrade which features the maps in offline mode – the ability to download maps of specified regions to your android device and access them without an internet connection. The offline functionality is available in up to 150 countries of the world, including Nigeria.

As am writing this post I have downloaded the map for whole of Surulere – Lagos, Nigeria which surprisingly was less than 1MB, Downloading that for Victoria Island and other locations at the moment, this works in such a way that it shows you in details when you are not even Online, you can easily view and navigate around streets. Lets get to real Business

How to Use Google Maps in Offline Mode

  • Search the desired location (In my case, I did a search for Surulere)
  • Tap Menu Button and select Make Offline (See Below)

How to Use Google Maps in Offline Mode

  • You might get something like “Selected Area Too Large” .. Don’t panic, just pinch the screen and Zoom In.

How to Use Google Maps in Offline Mode

  • When done perfectly, its instantly estimates the size of the Map to be downloaded depending on the total area covered, (See Below, for Surulere, its less than 1MB)

How to Use Google Maps in Offline Mode


  • Click DONE!… and that’s it, you have your map downloaded already.


How to Use Google Maps in Offline Mode

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