8 Social Media Mistakes Musicians Should Avoid


Having noticed the essential roles social media play in the distribution of music. The need to increase social media fan-base among musicians has increased overtime. Several mistakes are henceforth made by musicians while trying to achieve a growth in fan-base through social media. Here are 8 mistakes to avoid;

1. Having no social media strategy: When you randomly post without a reason, is only a little better than not posting at all. In order to get the most out of social media promotion, you have to have a strategy about your goals and how you’re going to accomplish them.

2. Creating accounts on too many platforms too soon: No one can be on everything and do them all well. Pick one and get good at it, then add another, etc. Choose the social networks most used by your fans or potential fans. That is when you can know where and when to be present.

3. Paying for fake followers: Those follower or viewer counts sure look good when they climb overnight, but your real followers won’t be fooled and neither will record companies, management, agents or anyone else in the business. Get your followers the old fashioned way – earn them with great content.

4. Talking about nothing but yourself: You’re using social media as a promotional tool but your posts get boring if it’s all about you, your record label or your music. Talk about your followers, ask questions, throw in some relevant news and generally change it up to keep the interest and engagement high.

5. Using irrelevant and excessive hashtags: Hashtags that don’t mean anything are useless for promotion. Using more than two on a Twitter post (more for Instagram) actually decreases engagement, so choose them carefully.

6. Sharing too much in a short amount of time: Dominating a feed is a great way to lose followers. If you’re going to post a lot in a short period, at least warn your followers beforehand.

7. Forgetting to proofread: People judge you by your grammar and spelling. A lot of artistes don’t bother about this because they think that it doesn’t matter, but anything you do or say now, will be used against u in  future Check it first before posting.

8. Neglecting the “social” aspect of social media: Remember that engagement goes both ways. Be prepared to respond to comments or questions on any post. your fans will never get tired of you, its that simple


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