What’s this deal with music? I keep asking, well I don’t know, but ever wonder why people say your playlist speaks a lot about you? I have heard that more than a couple of times, but the question is; is this true or false? Well let’s find out.

Okay I have successfully gone through a couple of friend’s playlist and here is the result;
A collection of gospel hits (1Gospel)
A collection of secular hits (Soundcity)
A collection of both (best of both worlds)

Loooooool, funny right? But seriously that’s what it is. So where does this lead us? Does it tag some people as bad and others as good or what? C’mon its music, music is life; it is a shell we all run into each time we shut the world out. Of course this means you listen to whatever soothes you, and your personality or what you can relate with.

I really love music, no denying, but does this mean if my playlist is projected and I fall into the “soundcity” category I’m bad? Hold on… what if I fall into the best of both worlds category? That means I’m in between? Oh well! That’s just not right. I agree with the fact that music has this play power and it’s always there in our subconscious I mean there’s always a tune playing in our head and unconsciously we just begin to sing. True yeah? That is music ooooo.

Some couple of months back, I found myself within this circle of friends and the topic was music, it was just a fun time completing the lyrics of each song that came up, mind you, the music category was “soundcity” gradually one thing led to another and before I knew it, this circle of fun became a G&C (Guidance and Counselling) unit. This time the punch line was “watch what you listen to” So surprising…

Music makes me happy and I’m sure same goes for you. So, should we be judged by what makes us happy?
Let’s discuss.


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  1. Dymat

    February 6, 2013 at 5:37 PM

    Umm…well I won’t say we we should be judged by what makes us happy but at the same time I won’t say that everything that makes us happy is right. For instance, a stick of cigrarette would make a smoker happy but does it mean it’s right to smoke, a bottle of hennesy would make an alchoholic happy does that make it right, a successful robbery would make a gang of thieves happy but does it make it right. In terms of music, I agree that music is like a comfort friend for most of us but we should also note that as humans we’re bound not to like the truth, take for instance a girl that just went through a break up the next thing she does is listen to a song that soothes her mood and it’s a 90% certainty that it won’t be a gospel song,why? This is because those songs tell us what we want to hear that’s why we can’t help but run to them when we just want to “shut the world out”(quoting you). The truth is at times like that should we actually run to those songs or run to the greatest comforter ever. There’s no dubt that there’s a drive behind every song,whether we want to believe that or not, it’s there.
    So my take on this is we should not be judged by the things that make us happy but at the same time we should try to ensure that they are right things. Music is food for the soul, let it speak to your soul but don’t let it corrupt or steal your soul. Choose what you listen to, not every song is right for you(that depends on who you are, what you believe in and stand for). Thanks and Deola, welldone.

  2. deola

    February 6, 2013 at 5:49 PM

    Hmmmmmn, Word! Tanx a lot.

  3. Dymat

    February 7, 2013 at 6:06 PM


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