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It was one of these Sunday afternoon drives back from church yeah! And there we were; A.C pumping, Gbedu blasting, in fact it was a sing along cruise when this question came up, but for me to ask this question I have to rewind a bit

Thursday afternoon was a very sunny one, corpers lazying about, gisting in groups at our supposed community development service. Well, that’s not even the point, I was also in a group of two girls and three guys, picking random topics and talking about it, till we got to this very interesting one. Take a guess……..yes! Its relationships.

Yea yea, everybody talks about it mind you I’m no relationship counsellor; this is just another random write up but with a purpose. Alright back to what I was saying, so what’s up with relationships? Errrm nothing serious except that this group of friends believe that a relationship is made up of “Friends with benefits” now why I find that disturbing is because there’s a wide gap between friendship, dating, and friends with benefits.

Hmmmmmn there it is! But how true is that? Y’all are gonna help me find out soon. We all have friends but there is always one special one that we can break a leg for, not ‘cos they ask us to but ‘cos we think they deserve it and even more. Now, here’s where I’m going; Tife and Moyo are supposed “Friends with benefits” in fact nobody sees them together without passing the comment “Awwwn! you guys are such a cute couple” I’m sure you guys know what I mean, they were everywhere together and all, till something happened.

Tife offered Tumi a ride, note: Tumi is a very good friend and colleague of Tife, on dropping her she decided to leave a package in his car, as friends na she’ll pick it some other time besides they saw everyday so it was no biggie. One week went by, two, three weeks and Tumi was yet to pick her package. Mind you, Tife had tried opening this package a couple of times just to have an idea of what was in it, but as a disciplined young man that he is, he decided not to, after all it wasn’t his. Did i hear you say get to the end already? Just follow me on this journey we are heading somewhere.

Its a Friday evening, Tife and Moyo are heading back from an outing when they arrive a police check point “Park your car” the officer shouted, without hesitation Tife did, “what do you have in your boot?” the officer asked “nothing” Tife replied, “come open am make we see” another officer yelled. Tife got down to open his trunk, while Moyo sat and watched quietly through the rear view mirror. Opening his trunk the only thing staring at them was the brown envelope Tumi dropped there a few weeks back. “wetin dey inside?” the officer asked… hmmmn Tife quietly thought to himself for me to tell these officers I don’t know what’s in this envelope is gonna be ridiculous of me. So he did what he had been dreading to do for the past weeks; he opened the envelope.

“Bad guy, bad guy!” the officers shouted on seeing the content of the envelope Tife felt bad “oya settle us for the weekend” they continued. Tife hurriedly gave them some notes, returned the package, jumped into the car and zoomed off. I’m sure y’all wondering what was in the envelope,*drum rolls…* looool, it was nothing but a pair of loungerie, simply put a pair of bra and panties.
Need I remind you that Moyo was watching, but as they rode back she only asked one question? She asked, “why were they yelling bad guy?” Ghen! Ghen! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn…
Now, here is the big question; How would you respond? Bearing in mind that you guys are supposedly “friends with benefits”

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  1. Wat exactly dose friends wit benefits mean.frm d story,I tink Tife n Moyo r kinda close n ve sumtin seriouz going on,so he shuld find it easy to explain d envelope.

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