Do celebrities really love their FANS???


tiwa savage and fan

Do celebrities really love their fan or is it ad-lib? Are they means to ends? I was just wondering because I don’t know how one could love: stalking, cursing, bitter, untalented-but-highly-crital, hypocritic, backbencher of a fan! Fine, its easy to love the starry eyed, worships-the-ground-I-walk-on, easy to please, and appreciative ones but isn’t it going to far to log both groups together as one.

Really I need clarity on what kind of love we are talking about too! Is it the platonic/ biblical/I’ll-donate-my-kidney-if-you-need-one/ kind or what? There is a saying where I come from that more or less interprets thus: “call a madman the groom of the bride so that’ll he’ll let us be” : are our celebrities indirectly calling us crazy?

On the same wavelength, how does one qualify to be a fan? Do I have to buy your CD? Or attend your shows? Or even like you or your music at all? Can I keep my preference of you to myself or do I have to shout it loud? Does it make a difference if one random fan is inadvertently hurt by you? I seek to know so I can judge myself, to know if I’m a faithful fan. I don’t have to leave my boyfriend if he doesn’t share my love for you, do I?

Now, how is said love to be proved? Who’s to be the. Judge of the “genuine-factor”? To what end is the proof? Shall we let sleeping dogs lie?

After establishing this things, I shall proceed to ask Banky W if he loves me! đŸ˜‰

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