egbon tunde 18+

Warrridddoooo! Welcome to the ontondo place where una fit enjoy wetin una no fit yarn for open air!

DISCLAIMER: we no go dey responsible for any animalistic Characteristic wey una exhibit after/during the course of assimilation. For here we go assume sey everypersen wey dey read this my yarn don knack apako at one point in life for this obodo life, but me no go spare details. Please before una continue read our disclaimer again. Thank You

Tunde na my kori-kosun padi! Persen of all season; yarn ball- Tunde dey! Yarn Efiko -Tunde dey! Yarn music! Yarn science- Tunde still dey” infact him head dey there everytime. Note say him head wey no get brain too dey always dey there too.

One tin wey Tunde sabi pass himself na woman anatomy; Na only Him I sabi wey dey kpash 2 sisters toh seh him forget who him be dey date between both sisters. You sef say Ha! O Babe! I no lie oh!. Infact Tunde for don straff my babe na God have mercy on me say my shuma dey on period oh. Tunde fit sell lie chop! Him fit sell Stroke to a crippled man! Ehn! Olohun se! Him fit o!

Another Day, we bin go Cedi Plaza for ABJ; as I dey do my usual window shopping , Tunde don disappear! Him miss ni shab! Na after 2hours na him I see Tunde with one cream chick by the name “Cecilia”- for my dirty mind I don undress the babe! Ah! Tunde don visit sha! Otuuuullllah!! As we dey reach hotel room na him Tunde dey gimme d babe profile to include her best panties!

Abeg I wan ask sef! Flavored Vagina Wash dey?

On this fateful day, Tunde and I dey travel go kaduna on our usual mission, no be envagelism mission or jihad o! Na confirm way wey we design to be a true Nigerian. TAGGED: OPS TASTE EM ALL… This movement was our own patriotic movement against ethnic discrimination. All naija babes get dem own evuls and Mojo!

O! Boy! Who don kpash Benue babe? Una go come say thank You if u go try am!

As we enter YSG luxurious Bus for IB; since na night journey I don zero my mind sey na sleep sure pass o! As usual Tunde don jilt me go sit with “Miss. Gbobo Oyan”- I gave her that nick name- this babe curvy! Boobs Yapa! She no too fine like dat sha!

Around 11pm, we gon don waka small o! Na him Tunde’s text enter “Niggga! E be like say this babe go f**k me for here o! Otuuuulllllah! I don suck boooby tayah”- with surprise in my eyes I wondered wat Tunde was up too, not knowing the text was almost an hour late due to network. I was sitting behind him, so just bent forward to peep, though the bus was dark. Na wetin I see be this;

“Tunde’s trousers was down to his knees,and his Pen*s was buried inside Miss Gbogbo Oyan’s mouth, one hand towards Her pu**y, fondling her and the other hand on his head (probably in Cloud 9) heaving in and out. Miss. G.O’s skirts was around her waist, her panties were no where to be found. She was blowing Tunde BIG TIME”

I sat back on my seat quietly, beefing Tunde, wondering how could he be doing this with a total stranger and also wondering how me sef fit feature for the show! Man must not dull o! My thoughts had gone deep when I heard Tunde’s Loud Screaming
“Jeeeeeeesssssssssuuuu” “Ori iya mi o” “Aye mi ti ba je o! Oko mi o”

I snapped outta my tots! The Bus stopped! Everyone comot from dem seat! Tunde was on the floor with Miss.G.O still on him buh vibrating. WTF!!!!!!
Miss G.0 don convulse sha! Her teeth gnashing on Tunde’s d**k..choi! Kayefi!

Mehn! All I was thinking of was “Thank God” wat if I don enter the arena! And na my d**k hang for person mouth.
Hmmmmmmmm…….Tunde never learn o! Him dey kpash as you dey read this! Make I go carry my camera, No worry! I go dey update You even with Pictures sef!

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