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Fashion! This word is such a big one that has raised so many arguments, opinions and comments. Just to tell you how strong this word is; it has caused the rise to stardom of so many individuals and has equally caused the downfall of many others. Fashion is a multi-faceted concept. Its definition varies according to the numerous human personalities. There are no hard and fast rules about it because what work beautifully well for an individual might not necessarily work for the next individual.

*** The most important thing about fashion is your personal perspective and definition you give to it.
However, it is equally important that you know what suits you and looks good!



The foremost fashion essential is your personal fashion statement. What is fashion to you? What do you think is beautiful? Some like it hot and sexy, others like it cool and simple. Variety they say is the spice of life. Spice it up! (Personally I like it simple but sophisticated *winks*)
The reason behind most funny looking people out there is lack of the knowledge of their body shape. A wrong fashion item not meant for your shape can ruin the entire outfit. You need to know what your body shape is and shop for fashion items along that line. You could follow the subsequent series to know more about body shapes.
Using fashion items that look good and fit on you is the key. You don’t necessarily have to follow the trends if they wont look good on you. Don’t get it twisted! Not saying you should look 1970, am rather saying go for what look good on you. If the trend suits your body shape and makes you look great, then why not? But to avoid looking like a clown and spending a large fortune on trends, its best you go for something classy that suits you. Evaluate the trends before you have them on! *straight face*
You must have heard that saying that you should cut your cloak according to your size. This however does not mean you should look less attractive. As much as it is classy to go for designer products, if you cannot afford them, then don’t beat yourself about it. You can still look as beautiful/handsome as ever in the general clothing. The key is don’t go for the ‘too common’ fashion items and combine the few ones you can afford rightly. A lot of people won’t be able to tell the difference per se between a well-combined beautiful outfit and an expensive designer product because they basically produce the same result: Beauty!!!
Saw a lady in a well-tailored Dolce&Gabbana dress but she looked confused and not so attractive. She wasn’t confident. An important element that crowns the whole beauty process up is CONFIDENCE. Learn to feel good with whatever you wear. It makes you look so attractive and projects the blend of beauty you have on. As a man add some swag/attitude (the ladies will come running after you). As a lady, put up your most beautiful smile (you will have all the men on their knees). Don’t bother trying to look perfect because your imperfection is your DISTINGUISHING FACTOR!

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