Heart Pour


heart pour

“No matter how much love is there, if its from one source; it’ll eventually stop flowing”. Those were the words that kept resounding in my head. Somehow, they don’t seem true though: because my fountain is still full.
Everyone advised me to get over you, but they are not here right now to hold me through the pain. Why does it hurt so bad?
Broken hearts should be able to find their way home, shouldn’t they? Where is home? Definitely not in the place that couldn’t protect them in the first place.
I wonder which hurts worse… Being lied to or the deafening silence. Broken heart? How do I blame you for this when you made me no promises whatsoever?
Lemme tell you a secret… I believed you then and that was my downfall. Could I have done anything to make it better? Sigh
The tears won’t stop. Foolish, huh? I know. I won’t fight it anymore, I’d just wait for it to pass. I do hope you don’t come back though, because then its you I’d fight.
Another lie? Perhaps. You are that one who could always make me act the fool. Don’t think the penance you paid was adequate. It was heart-borne magnanimity that cleansed you.
I’ve been hurting myself, trying to do this on my own. Now I’ve learned to ask you for an antidote to whatever it is you did. Unstand at the door when I opened it. Undo the smiles and act the part I never saw.

Heart Pour by Olabisi


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