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Heartfelt Music by Olabisi

I’m going to deviate awhile from musical themes. I shall delve into the reserves of my heart and try to clear the cobwebs. Perhaps it won’t even be such a deviation! Afterall, I’ll be swaying to the tunes of love vocalized by my emotions.

I always thought love was glamorous, but that was before I got to know it. Then I realised the unaccounted-for. There is the lot you don’t think could pop up, the garbage you naively assumed that love would sweep out. The lonliness that accompanies the unreciprocated for instance. The one-sidedness that reduces your ‘gem’ to obsession.

You never consider incompatibility. You thought love is enough? It isn’t always. There’s the “we love each other but can never be together” and there’s the “your love is not as strong as mine”. Sometimes clots of former heartbreaks simply refuse to heal, they cloud your reason and won’t let you go.

Dear One-I-Love, its more than I can handle; don’t pursue when I run. To you; One-That-Loves-Me, is it enough to heal? The love of few makes me want to try, while the lies of many just hold my feet in place.

If I could sing to you, I’d voice to the Twain’s twangy strings: the soft plea of her “Don’t”. Although it seems of another world, it always seems to soothe all.

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