Power of Compliments



… Kemi was going to pursue a modeling contract in an agency which had its office somewhere in Ikeja, Lagos. She was unsure but hoped against all odds to get the job.

That same morning, Mr Higgins car developed a fault and he had to hurriedly get a taxi, in order not to be late to work. Just as the vehicle he flagged down screeched to a halt before him, a voice called out from behind him: “hey, nice haircut”. He looked back and smiled before ducking into the car to sit beside the driver. He smiled all the way to the office.

“Morning Grace”, he practically sang to his secretary who was more than a little shocked at the pleasant tone of her boss’ voice. She was so amazed that Jamal slipped into Higgins’ office without her notice.
“Young man, this is impressive; you are really intelligent and I think this organisation could use your skills”, Higgins said after going through Jamal’s credentials again.

‘Unusual indeed’, thought Grace, who had come to apologise to her boss and usher the “intruder” out, as she shut the door quietly behind her retreating back.
Meanwhile, Kemi was still at the bus-stop wondering if “Black and Gorgeous” would select her of all the applicants. Just then, young handsome Bayo slowed down his car and stared so interestedly at the beautiful lady who didn’t even notice him until he called out: “hot legs”. The compliment worked like magic as Kemi smiled radiantly and raised her head just that much higher. Of course she got a ride that morning, *wink*. Agent Bright was impressed with the somewhat new aura of confidence she exuded that day. Your guess is as good as mine: she is the new “Face of Reality”.

See? A simple statement of compliment could go a long way to make a person’s day. Just don’t overdo it or you’d get in a nice shocker. Like “nice boobs” could earn you a black eye from a blackbelter. Watchout!

Power of Compliments by Olabisi (@rollingdream)


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