These past few weeks has been nothing short of drama as usual in our entertainment scene particularly the music industry, there is always a lot to talk about because of the complexity of music perceived by people of diverse opinions. However this time around it is interesting to see that most of the occurrences wasn’t really about the music of these artistes we going to be talking about, rather much more about their not so private life, the decisions they have made and likewise it outcome.

WIZKID, DAVIDO, and OLAMIDE are unarguably the three most successful A-listers holding it down at the moment in the game. They are all proud Founders of their labels, they are three of the most featured in the game which means they have given life to others while still signing and helping other artiste associated to them. One can call them masters of their field and already role models to a lot of youth.

However most recently on news has been not so much to be cheerful about away from the music, this doesn’t mean it is something that’s of so most importance or that we can say for a fact that they are bothered by it. However we also cannot ignore these happenings and how we as fans and mere observers would have wished the respective outcomes to be the other way round. The fact that they are happening at the same period is also why it strikes as something worth sharing and having a look into.

WIZKID, few weeks ago wizkid was called out by his first babymama also the mother of his first son, who claimed the singer had not been there for her and their son. She went ahead to share conservations between herself and wizkid. This really blown up the internet and had people dragging the superstar saying though he was a wonder singer that he was no good as a father. The singer on the other end didn’t feel the need to respond to any of the allegations put forward by his babymama, as he only posted sarcastic quotes and other functions he would be attending.

Soon enough or days between as the babymama situation seemed to have fading. The most prominent and most reliable podcast show out of Nigeria and Africa at large “loosetalk” also decided to add the recent occurrence to their discussed topic. What started off as a professional review of narrative soon became an unprofessional outburst on the personality of the star wizkid, where a lot were allegedly revealed stating a lot of unforeseen, image ruining characters and activities associated with the artiste. This had got people wondering if all was really true or it was just a direct image sabotage as a result of hate or any previous beef.

The original podcast was however taken down hours after released, they were edited and released again removing that part from the entire podcast as the host of the podcast series and his team allegedly got death threats following the release. Wizkid as usual never said a word about these happenings and we also hope it doesn’t become anything that might cause a scare in the nearer future. Most fans of his would have wished none of these happened.

DAVIDO, in recent time Davido has been in the colours of the NYSC which means he decided to serve his dear country as it is supposed to be, knowing fully he graduated with a decent degree some years ago. This to many was perceived as a respectable and patriotic thing to do as a citizen while to others it was a move to secured a chance to run for a public office in the nearer future. Soon after being in camp for registration, he was seen leaving the country to perform aboard for his already booked tours. A lot of people pointed that it was against the rule and regulation of the NYSC scheme, stating that his move only proves that the entire scheme was a respecter of status and Davido should be punished with service extension.

Davido’s uncle Senator Adeleke who was the gubernatorial candidate of the PDP was at that period about to embark on his interstate campaign. All of a sudden Davido decided to cancel his ongoing tour and announced he was going to be joining his uncle on his campaign. He performed at various venue during the campaign tour, he also mobilized a lot of youth. Davido became a strong influence to the entire movement.

Election Day finally came, it was a close contest as the margin was close. Senator Adekele was supposedly the winner due to obvious number of votes, but according to the election organizing body INEC the election was inconclusive due to the number of counterfeit votes. This really brought down the mood out there as fans and friends of the superstar really wanted his uncle to win. INEC conducted a RE-RUN of the election the following Thursday and the opposition from APC somehow snatch the win at the end of the day.
The RERUN elections was said to not have been free and fair, following a lot of incident thugs and policemen at polling stations. However INEC pronounced the APC candidate as the governor elect. Davido’s uncle promised to go to court. Meanwhile the turnout of the entire exercise was seemingly disappointing and for fans and friends it left a sad result and an awful period.

OLAMIDE, following the release of his hit single motigbana, Olamide was having a relatively claim year. One would wonder how he managed to make this list. Because the singer is hardly really connected to any drama outside his music. A lot of people commend him on this, as it is something worthy of emulation.

Everyone who knows the music star very well would also know that he is a friend to the present government and administration of Lagos state. He has received a lot of endorsement and backing under this current administration. Lagos state has been sponsoring his yearly concert OLIC back to back. Last year he made a stadium his venue which everyone knew that security was going to be a huge factor. He however pulled it off in a grand style due to the backing of the Lagos state government.

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode who Olamide proclaimed his father as he was adopted by him had recently been in preparation to secure a second term in office, and Olamide known by many has been a huge influence. He had sang about the good works of the governor in the state, he openly pronounced he was on the side of the governor and encouraged his followers to do the same.

However, Governor Ambode would not be returning in 2019 as he failed to win at his party’s primary elections, where he was beaten by a fellow party gubernatorial aspirant Mr Jide sanwoolu. This was definitely unexpected, sad times for someone to have a friend and alleged father loose a sit of power. Would this be the end of the relationship between Olamide and the entire APC? Or would the incoming government accommodate him as its own and give him the usual privileges.

Yes it has really been a tough time at the press for our favorite celebrity musicians

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