Twenty Years (Part 2)



Ok guys, am back from the coffee break :), did you miss me?
Incase you are wondering what this is all about, kindly read the previous part before you continue.

……..Amidst the confusion I heard a whisper in my ears “sweetheart, your dad passed away this morning”.
Bombshell! Did I just hear that? Alright can you guys just stop this joke? Naa that couldn’t be true, but with all these people, a part of me wanted to believe it was. I didn’t even ask myself the usual question “why me?” I just sat there and it was like a dream, suddenly I remembered the last time I saw him was May 4th… so when was he sick? When was he admitted in the hospital? Why was I left out? Why didn’t anyone talk to me? I couldn’t even hear anything but my thoughts. It was like I had just been pushed to a tiny cubicle with no single source of illumination.

Sleeping that night was the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. Coupled with all the attention I got from left right and centre and when I could no longer hold back, I just let it all out… the water works, trust my loving sis she offered to play one of my favourite songs “You Raised me Up – Josh Groban” for those of you that understand the power of modulation and harmony in a song you might be guessing “that would just make matters worse” exactly!

This song just took me back in time and as the river flows to connect with the ocean, my tears flowed out.
It was sad it was sudden, it was unbearable, it was unbelievable, yet it was true but I wasn’t convinced. It was gonna take a whole lot more for that statement to sink in. Time Check: it was three days to my finals and as a Thespian “The show must go on” so back to school I was. And as you would expect I struggled through my practical exams for the next five days. Weekend was here… the internment, another rush of emotions, and all I wanted was a proof, something to clear my disbelief, eureka there it was; a brown and gold coated coffin. What else could I say? It is well.

Hmmmn… It was just some hours to my written exams and during my ride back to school I just saw life in a whole new perspective. I soon realised I only had twenty years to be his daughter, but hey! That was something I consoled myself, yet it was the bitter truth. The next two weeks I spent writing my exams and making my dad proud by being the best I could ever be. Difficult it was, but I had to keep pushing.
So what am I saying? Life is not about counting the years, but about making the years count. Cherish what you have now, spend time with your parents and loved ones, because in the long run, NO ONE can ever promise you the gift of a LIFETIME.


  1. Hmmm. U got me thinking about family sha. I should show more love. Time ticking for each person. Ama let everyone have the best of me before…

  2. Okay sincerely there’s so much to say that I don’t know what to say but guess I just gotta say something.
    “It’s not about counting the years but making the years count”…now that’s word. Every single second of our lives mean something and it’s left us to decide how we spend our time. I never got the opportunity to know my dad and I hardly feel it ‘cos my mum and God have done a great job trying to fill the space but you kinda made me want to know what the feeling of being a daughter is like, u had “twenty years” I’d long for just one day right now but it’s all good, God is the best Father anyone could ever have. I respect the fact that you brought something good out of a bad situation, I mean, if 50% of us have that spirit then the world would be a better place to live in. Good job.

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