Twenty Years



So it’s like the beginning of this very exciting day, yeah I said exciting ‘Cos it was May 29th, hellooooo “eyes rolling” it’s a public holiday, a day to rest from all the everyday corporate dressing, early morning rehearsals, assignments and classes. I know it’s no big deal yeah, but it actually is when you are schooling in an institution that observes no public holiday.

So there I was lying on my bed at 6:00am thinking of how to spend the day when I heard my phone ring. News flash: “babe, we are having STS class”. Ok lets pause for a moment to figure this out, STS is a single unit course, more like upgraded Christian religious knowledge which is compulsory for the whole school and may even cost you an extra year if taken with levity. Surprised right? ‘Na so we see am ooo.’

It was raining, but we didn’t mind, as we jogged in our colourful dolly sandals to class. We sat waiting patiently for the lecturer, 20 mins, 40 mins and guess what? The class wasn’t even holding in the first place and as you trust na, happy students jogged back to the hostel to enjoy this very ecstatic holiday.

Amidst all the gisting, internet surfing, sleeping and chatting, I suddenly realized it was just five days to our finals, and in my head i began evaluating how prepared I was for my practical’s trying to tidy up loose ends. Suddenly this phone of mine rang again. It was just some minutes to two and the voice at the other end of the line was my sisters. Yaay! She was finally here to deliver the dresses for my project head to toe exam.

Stepping out to the cafeteria, she wasn’t alone but with my uncle. Should I say I was happy? Hell yeah I was but also flabbergasted too because something just did not add up. This is an uncle that works round the clock even on Sundays and he’s here in my school with the excuse of a public holiday? Hard to believe. Getting to the peak of my anxiety I asked where are my dresses? and she said “I didn’t come with them” come on, I was getting tired of this game, so why were they here? To see my face? or wish me happy democracy day? Very absurd. There and then I sensed something was going on, but I decided to play along. And then she asked “sis, cant you come home with us?” I gave her a surprising look, of course she knew it wasn’t possible but hey! here was my sister cajoling me and I couldn’t just resist the temptation of spending a night with my loved ones after so many months.

What do you think? I agreed. But wait a sec, going through all the school protocols to get an exeat was easier why? I can’t answer that but this smart pair definitely cooked something up and it was working, still I couldn’t just fathom what. I had already picked a few of my stuffs and hopped into the car when I realized we were riding in my mums car instead of my uncles and trust my sister she readily gave me an explanation. This was when I concluded something was definitely wrong.

My exciting day soon turned out to be the most tragic day of my life as I arrived home and was welcomed with tears and wailing. Amidst the confusion i heard a whisper in my ears “sweetheart, your ……. continue part 2


  1. Hmmmm..not bad. Intended suspense didnt strike much sha. U shd work on that in subsequent posts. Yeah, u should post more. Make sure ur shortly is short o…lol

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