Young Me: The Controversy of Age


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How young is young? A very complicated question I’d say! Answers would also vary according to personality and beliefs. If at 16, I’m young but pregnant; then how young really am I? If as a teenager, I earn more than most people’s fathers legitimately and take responsibility for my actions: how young would I be to you?

In Africa, and perhaps other parts of the world, much emphasis is placed on age; a number. We don’t acknowledge the wide difference between age and maturity, the latter being of different kinds. Age is defined as the number of years one has lived, while maturity I’d like to think is about the lessons you’ve lived to learn. Maturity is quality of thoughts and admission of responsibility. Quality is not acquired in years! Did someone whisper wine? You know wine is not always good, right?

Parents don’t talk to their children about what they should know. This with the excuse that you are too young. Mom, how are babies made? God put them in Mummy’s stomach. Oh well, when God puts a baby in your 12yr old’s stomach; don’t fret. The irony of this is that, when a parent starts beating around the bush, the child thinks: “how childish, what’s in sexuality anyway? We talk about it in Biology class everyday!” Yeah, duck that!

I’m young, but not stupid enough to think old dispenses automated wisdom. I’ve lived few years, but I may have garnered more finesse than many of our “leaders”. Sometimes, old could be downright unreasonable blatantly contrasting some “Youngs” that take the medal for discretion. I wonder how old one gets when they start losing touch with truth and progress.

I know a really young girl who is “young” enough to not want to be like her mother who has four kids for different men. How young are you?

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  1. Many people tag maturity with age; the older one is determines his/her level of maturity. However, this is ‘refutably’ wrong.Your article has truly distinguished the two words from each other. That is fantastic article.

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