Interesting Similarities Between Mayorkun and Mr Eazi


-Mayorkun                                    -Mr Eazi

It is quite understandable that a lot of things happen to certain people equally or at the same period and they are usually just a mere coincidence. However, in a situation where it becomes not just one or two but a series of unexpected occurrences, it then becomes a matter of interest. One would want to ask why some of the about to be discussed incidences are associated to these two artiste namely; MAYORKUN and MR EAZI. Some of these similarities are the following;

Mr eazi and Mayorkun were both announced as signed artiste in the year 2016, Wizkid announced signing mr eazi alongside R2bees and efya after his performance at the Vodafone Ghana Music Award (VGMA) in 2016, though we later realized that mr eazi wasn’t actually signed to starboy worldwide as he was only affiliated to the label. However, this did a lot for his career as his fanbase expanded, bringing forth bigger platforms and opportunities that he rode on.
On the other hand, Mayorkun was discovered from the internet after he posted a video of himself freestyling to Davido’s hit track with olamide “Money”. He was reached out to by Davido for a contract under Davido music worldwide (DMW), Davido’s newly established record label and after then things started to change for mayorkun

The prestigious headies next rated awards has been copped by these two artiste back to back. Mr eazi was the next rated in 2016 while Mayorkun follow up by winning the award in 2017. This means they are recipient of the next rated award in a successive fashion.

As an artiste it is okay to proclaim a certain name, position, or office to push your artistry as it is merely a reflection of what you stand for. Over time Mayorkun has always wanted be identified as “THE MAYOR OF LAGOS” and of recent (this October) he received a portrait painting of him in a suite as the mayor of Lagos. Mr eazi recently dropped a song titled “ogede” where he proclaimed himself as the “PRESIDENT OF OGEDE” while also putting out a portrait of himself in a suite. This made marks on the internet as some of his fans tagged “ogede youth” started to edit this poster replacing it with their personal pictures. Both portrait happen to surface in the month of OCTOBER 2018.

There are a lot of things an artiste can draw inspiration from while making music, often times they draw inspiration from their environment and how things happen around them. Mr eazi and Mayorkun are set to drop their albums, LAGOS TO LONDON and THE MAYOR OF LAGOS respectively. They somehow ended up using Lagos as a benchmark to the entire album build up concept. Mr eazi pictures himself travelling with sounds from Lagos then eventually landing in London, while Mayorkun as the Mayor of Lagos pictures himself running the state with a map.

Both artiste have their albums set to be released in the month of NOVEMBER. Mr eazi’s album drops on the 9th of November followed by Mayorkun’s on the 16th of November with a week interval, Both albums have 15 and 14 tracks respectively.

How coincidental is all of these?. send in your thoughts.



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