Man nabbed for using customers identity to register multiple phone lines for criminals

A now-viral video has shown the moment a man was caught for using the identity and personal information of a customer to register two different sim cards only to sell the second to criminals.

A customer is seen narrating how he went to the suspect to register a sim card only for the suspect to also use his passport photograph, name, and National Identification Number (NIN) to register a second sim card which he sold to a criminal.

When questioned, the suspect didn’t deny his actions, instead, he tried to explain his motive.

He said he was badly in need of money which is why he committed identity fraud.

The customer alleged that the suspect uses the identity and details of unsuspecting customers to register sim cards which are then sold to robbers and kidnappers. When those lines are used to commit a crime, it ends up being traced to the unsuspecting customer whose identity was used.

Watch the video below;


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