Are you ready for Selfie Plates? See Pictures and Descriptions


Selfie Stick has been tagged the silliest phone accessory of 2015, did you see that coming? I bet you did’t. We’ve all either done it or seen it happen. You visit a restaurant, well presented plates of colorful food are placed in front of diners, and the smartphones come out to snap a picture, tag the location, add a comment, and post to your social network of choice

Introducing the selfie plates which comes in two forms

The first is called The Limbo, which has a slot at the front to hold your phone and is elevated at the back to produce a uniform backdrop for the food being photographed.


THE 360
The second plate is called The 360 and is a little more complex. There’s still a stand at the front, but it is placed at a greater distance away from the plate. The plate is then rotated to allow for short video clips or animated GIFs to be captured of the food turning.



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