There will be no Windows 11 after Windows 10


Surprising yeah? Microsoft seems satisfied with stopping at the number 10. You might to awaken yourself to the reality that Windows may never go up to 11.

At the inaugural Microsoft Ignite conference in Chicago this month, Jerry Nixon of Microsoft said that Windows 10 will be the “last version” of the operating system that Microsoft releases. He did not make mention of Microsoft hanging their boots after this one. In an official press release, Microsoft clarified Nixon’s comment by saying that “Windows will be delivered as a service bringing new innovations and updates in an ongoing manner.”

You won’t be seeing a new Windows being released every two or three years any more. Instead of starting work on the next release after Windows 10 hits, they’ll focus on delivering continuous improvements to Windows. It’ll become more like a service, though, thankfully, they haven’t announced any plans to offer subscriptions to Windows like they do for Office. But I want to believe they will.

Perceptions about software and updates have changed dramatically in recent years, and it’s got everything to do with the rise of smartphones and tablets. We’ve grown accustomed to the apps we use being updated at an incredibly rapid pace. Waiting years for a company to tweak something feels so 20th century.

At Satya Nadella’s Microsoft, there’s a strong desire to break with the past. They’re building on what they started with Windows 8.1, which showed a willingness to respond to customers right now rather than adding an item to the to-do list and pushing it years later with an entirely new product release.


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