At a glance, it would appear there are no popular apps made by Nigerians, but after taking a closer look, one would discover that a lot of Nigerian made apps are delivering innovative solutions to Nigerians and the rest of the world – even if they are not as popular as some foreign apps that occupy the larger percentage of our smartphones. While I think a lot of Nigerian made apps could use a little more inspiration and finesse, a number of them are doing progressively well and are very useful to Nigerians and non-Nigerians alike.

Here are 5 top apps made by Nigerians delivering innovative solutions:

5. Pidgin English Bible

Pidgin English Bible and Pidgin English Audio Bible app – which is the audio version of the New Testament (from Matthew to Revelation) – were developed by Network System One and 9jaStar respectively. The app allows you to listen to the bible in Pidgin English, with a dramatic twist to the narration. Pidgin Bible is both in written and audio form for all the Pidgin English speakers in the world. Cameroon Pidgin Bible, Ghana Pidgin Bible, Papua New Guinea Tok Pisin Pidgin Bible and more are also available. So if you want to enjoy reading the Bible in a funny way, you can download it. The app is available on Android devices and can be downloaded here.


4. Giditraffic

Giditraffic started as an online social service in 2011. Based primarily on twitter, the service employs crowdsourcing as its primary means of providing real-time traffic updates to subscribers on its platform. Through crowd-sourced replies, a requester receives numerous responses from other subscribers who have seen the question and can provide a relevant answer.

In 2012, Giditraffic partnered with telecommunications company, Nokia to produce a downloadable mobile traffic application (the Giditraffic application which is available for Nokia Asha phones). It has become an utility service that brings you closer to the information that matters most to you: receive traffic/security updates around the country, irrespective of where you are. The app also works on android devices and can be downloaded here.


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