Why you should not consider buying an Iphone X in Nigeria yet


I am going to make this as brief as possible on buying an Iphone X in Nigeria

PS: I own an android and apple device. So, no hate whatsoever!

If you’re a fan of Apple’s devices, there are good chances that you’re already owning iPhone 7, iPhone 6, or iPhone 5. Well, honestly iPhone 5 is quite old, you need to upgrade. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense buying the new iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus; they’re pretty much the same devices, with some upgrades.

One can argue that these new iPhones have the new A11 Bionic chip, which is X% faster than other chips. Well, I doubt that your iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone 7 has become noticeably slower. If all the features like camera, video streaming, Touch ID, etc., are working fine, there’s no good reason to buy a device that should’ve been called iPhone 7s instead of iPhone 8.

The same argument could be made about the camera improvements. The new devices will surely perform a little better and you won’t even notice the difference with your bare eyes. If you combine these upgrades, they aren’t worth the over 240,000 NGN you need to pay. Wireless charging, which was introduced by Apple’s competitors a couple of years ago, too doesn’t justify the upgrade.

Are you still considering buying an Iphone X in Nigeria

However, if you’re a new user who wishes to make a switch, iPhone 8 is a welcome addition. If you’re skeptical about making a switch from Android to iOS but you wish to own an amazing piece of technology, there are other options like Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, HTC U11, LG V30, etc.

Coming to iPhone X, it has surely got its gimmicks and good looks. However, being Apple’s first edge-to-edge display, I’m a little skeptical about its durability. I’ve confidence in Apple’s newly introduced ways of interacting with a phone and AR apps, but I think it’d be nice to wait for a little and see how things turn out to be in daily use.

Moreover, the $1,000 (over half a million Naira in Nigeria considering shipping and other costs.. LOL) price tag is insane for a smartphone. I’m finding it hard to justify it and label iPhone X as a device that’ll take all your pains away and make your human life a lot better. Take those $1,000 and do something else that matters more than an end-to-end display.

And to why I do not recommend anybody living in Nigeria to invest so much in an iPhone X is simply because, the phone is quite fragile and the parts are not readily available and will not be available anytime soon. 

Imagine having to replace an iPhone X screen, I am sure that will cost as much as cost of a brand new iPhone 6s.

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