#BBNaija 2018 Day 62: The Alex Disturbance


For the past 62 days of being in the #bbnaija house, the Housemates have had time to enjoy their sleep on weekends without being woken up by Big Brother’s strange sounding alarm.

Day 62 was however a little different as Alex took the initiative of replacing Biggie’s alarm and being the alarm itself.

Much to the amazement of the #bbnaija housemates, they had no option but to wake up as Alex wasn’t backing down until she got the satisfaction that everyone was awake.

Known for being unapologetically loud, the pestering of her fellow #bbnaija Housemates seems to have being something they expect from her. As if banging the spoon against the bowl wasn’t enough, Alex made it a point that she reached each and every individual’s ear as she walked from bed to bed.

Tobi seemed to bear the brunt of the alarm more as the pestering from the Shaku Shaku queen continued.

However, things flipped in the morning of day 62 when the #bbnaija Housemates opted to talk about the benefits of the workouts instead of going to the Arena and working out.

Normally, the weekends are all about rest for the #bbnaija Housemates and waking up for their daily workout isn’t something they worry about. Cee-C, Teddy A and BamBam spoke highly of the workouts Biggie makes them do every day.

With less than four weeks to the end of this season, the trio have vowed to keep on exercising, with Teddy A mentioning that if someone becomes a public figure, they should at least make an effort to look good.

While others were preparing food, Tobi and Alex had their workout moment in the garden. Though unaware of the others’ chat, they unconsciously confirmed that working out is good.

The treats from Biggie in the afternoon of day 62 rewarding Miracle for winning the Arena games, seem to have triggered an already existing hype from Alex. If any of the housemates want some peace and rest, they literally have to wait for Alex to go to sleep which would be wishful thinking at this point.

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