Love Story!!! Empress & Timaya Are Back Together


Hahahha you see this is what we talk about. Exes don’t have to fight, get it? Lol. This world is too small bikonu. You see Empress and Timaya dated for so many years and everyone thought they were going to walk down the aisle, well if not that, they were going to have babies together, that was for sure, but guess what, it didn’t happen.

They broke up after so many years and before we could spell jack, another lady, a much younger one had already put to bed for Timaya. Now they have two kids, she lives with him, but not married.

What’s our point, Empress and Timaya shortly after then had a bitter media fight, it was messy, but today they are back at being friends.

No more bad blood. Timaya posted a photo of them together saying

‘It’s always a pleasure seeing u my dear friend. EMPEE’… Now that’s love.

culled from Naijaloaded



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