Konami Sets a Release Date for PES 2014 and Demo Download


It’s official! PES 2014 is coming on September 19th in Europe and September 20th in the UK on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. According to Konami it will release the genre-redefining PES 2014 on September 19th throughout Europe and in the UK on September 20th on PlayStation®3 as a physical and downloadable title, Xbox 360® and Windows PC. The PES Productions studio has also announced demo details which will showcase a new take on football and launch following the gamescom event in Cologne.

PES 2014, which has been nominated for Best Sports Game at the Cologne showcase, ushers in a new era of football gaming, combining the celebrated FOX engine with unique new football systems which have allowed the development team to rework every aspect of the title. The PES team’s aim is to convey the ebb and flow of a real top-level match, from the way players look and move, through to the effect a disenchanted or galvanized crowd can have on the team and individuals. This will also be showcased in a new trailer set to debut at gamescom, with a special “Giant Killing” montage showing the “Heart” system in action.


As befits a major new era for the PES series, KONAMI has also unveiled a unique cover approach for the game. With KONAMI the exclusive holders of the UEFA Champions League competition, the game’s packaging will highlight PES 2014’s replication of the competition, rather than concentrating on players. PES embodies the aspirations, skill and determination that shine through in Europe?s premier club competition, and the new packshot uses the globally familiar iconography of the tournament. The packshot will be used across Europe and in US as well as Canada.

The release of the game will be preceded by a playable demo, which will be available from September 11th on PS3 and the following day for Xbox 360. The demo will be fully representative of the final game, allowing users to play as several teams within a full match scenario, and to experience the individuality PES 2014 offers in terms of player movement and skill. The demo will also include a tutorial element, to help familiarize users with the overhauled controls.

Sadly though, Konami announced that there won´t be a PC demo before PES 2014 launch because last year it was hacked


  1. no PC demo! Damn it! anyways I watched the E3 demo..very impressed with the game.the fox engine made the game different from last years entry.

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